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A reward!!!!!!:D [Jun. 29th, 2005|11:04 pm]


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This community is being newly promoted w/ some brand-new, fresh, homemade banners! they all rock. Hey, luffe619! you're also free to make, post, and promote w/ banners! we need all the help we can get. i hope this draws new members...
But, to reawaken the old, and to reward you all, i am going to give a mini-quiz, made by me! Submit your answers in the format below, and i will be sure to announce the winner!

ANSWER FORMAT: 1. a 2. c ... 5. A complete sentence w/ the answer in it. The length of the line is ABOUT RIGHT for the length of the answer.

1. How many days long is the gestation period of a Syrian hamster?
a)10 b)23 c)16

2. Domestication of the hamster began in____when a zoologist found one mother and twelve young hamsters in the______Desert. Fill in the blanks.
a)1930, Syrian b)1854, Sahara c)1925, Gobi

3. Which country does the hamster's name originate from?
a)Germany b)France c)Europe

4. How many young does a hamster usually have at one time?
a)10-15 b)3-9 c)4-12

5. NAME the species of Dwarf hamster that is the smallest and least likely to be kept as a pet. ANSWER:_____________________

6. Up to how many kilometers can a hamster run in one night on an exercise wheel?
a)12 b)7 c)10

7. Are hamsters farsighted? How many eyes do MOST hamsters blink at a time?
a) Yes, one b)Yes, two c)No, one d)No, two

8. What are hamster babies called? ANSWER:____________________

9. Which illness are Dwarf Hamsters very susceptible to?
a)cancer b)diabetes c)wet tail

10. What do (or did) genetic mutations cause in the Golden (or Syrian) hamster? Give an example. ANSWER:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Enjoy! No rush, but the faster you both finish, the faster we'll know who won!

[X]You may look up the answers, but i think it'll be more fun to guess!
[X]Use the answer format, please.
[X]Just--have FUN WITH IT!!!!:DDD

-your mod, <lj user=xmixed_upx

[User Picture]From: _happyx_xbunny_
2005-07-26 05:48 am (UTC)
um not trying to be mean or nothing but i think yur community is dying
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